The castle adventure // Stirling Castle & Dunnottar Castle

I went on another road trip adventure over the weekend and yes, saw even more castles. It’s not that I’m obsessed with them, but there are just so many in Scotland to chose from. To my understanding you essentially could point your finger anywhere on a map and nine times out of ten there’ll be a castle in that area. Was it mad busy at both of the locations? Of course, but it was the first weekend of summer in Scotland and close to 20ºC so people were loving it and definitely not staying inside.

IMG_8342The first car ride led in a south east direction all the way to Stirling castle. Drive itself? Not very eventful as you’re mainly on a main road going straight anyway, a highway situation. Are there lovely views around Perth and later cities surrounded my mountains and greenery? Oh yes, but as pretty as they are, taking a picture just never seems to quite work out as you’d like it to. But enough of that.

Stirling Castle wasn’t really ever something that was on my list of ‘must see’, but majority of sites are within a driving distance and still being able to actually see the monument so it was definitely a nice adventure. The castle is located on top a hill, providing amazing views from all around it, a slight downside is, you can’t really see the entire building itself as it is so covered by all of the walls. Simultaneously, it felt a little like a maze at times, and you really had to know where you were going to get where you wanted — bless those free maps at the ticket booth am I right?

IMG_8340This was another spur of the moment kind of trip that was sort of a hop and a skip away compared to the one on the previous day, but a different castle compared to the other one and in a northern direction from Dundee. It may be hard to see in the photo, but there was a castle there, or at least hundreds of years ago there was something, as this was more ruins than a fully standing and maintained building, but the views from the coastal cliff path made it worth it.

Didn’t go into the castle itself, but the walk and weather made the ruins look amazing from any angle along the path. Again, such a beautiful place, the sky so blue, the sea so blue and green, the colors so crisp and contrasting to the browns and greens of the surrounding areas that just never seem to be easily photographed; or maybe that’s just me and my iPhone photography … Regardless, it again was a place that would just stay locked away for memories sake like any other photogenic place visited.

The overall trip wasn’t something that can easily be put into words, or even pictures, but that happens more often than not and you’re just left with the memories of the views. With the weather being so great too, there was nothing that could go wrong. Since the weather was so fantastic, walking around castles seemed like the perfect activity as there was enough to see on the inside as on the outside, a good balance on a hot day that I would recommend. It was busy at both of the locations, but the paths around Dunnottar castle allow you to enjoy the scenery and view of the castle and that’s a priceless experience, especially on such as a sunny day as it was the other day. Stirling castle was a little more pricey, with an entry fee to the entire castle grounds, but theres plenty to do and see, and even sit for a bit and enjoy the peace and quiet while sitting in one of the gardens or strolling along the castle walls and enjoying the surroundings from the castle on the hill.


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